About Us

Honeybears ELC is a family owned and operated centre. With three young children of our own we understand that children thrive in an environment where they feel safe and secure, much like home.

Honeybears is a warm, friendly and happy place providing the highest level of care and education for all of our children. Our centres are purpose built and architecturally designed to provide inspiring play spaces for children aged 0-6 years. Our first centre, Honeybears ELC, opened in 2007 and caters for 39 children per day, aged 2-6 years. Our new centre, Honeybears Junior (proposed opening Feb 2020) will cater for 29 children, aged 0-3 years.

Our team of educators are passionate about early childhood education and are committed to the highest standards of care for our children. In our role as advocates for young children, we are committed to our philosophy that embraces contemporary traditions including the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF). We are inspired by the principles of Reggio Emilia and we believe in the image of the child as competent and capable learners.

We are open from 7:00am – 6:00pm, 50 weeks of the year, closing for 2 weeks over the Christmas period as well as public holidays.

Our indoor playspaces promote collaborative activity and purposeful exploration. These areas are designed to allow easy flow between activities, a sense of belonging and the freedom for children to explore at their own pace.

Our beautiful outdoor learning spaces encourage the children to learn, explore and feel a sense of belonging. We nurture in children, a love of nature and a desire to protect and preserve it. Our outdoor environment consists of trees and plants, a bush tucker garden, herb gardens, sandpits, quiet and active play spaces as well as natural timber elements and water elements.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy outlines what the team at Honeybears value and believe to be important in early childhood education and pedagogy. This philosophy will be extended upon and further developed by the educators and families within the community of Honeybears Early Learning Centre.

The team at Honeybears Early Learning Centre collectively advocate for the rights of young children to enjoy excellence in Early Childhood Education.

We believe that children are curious, competent individuals and that the role of educators is to assist and encourage children as they develop ideas and theories. We believe it is vital to a child’s natural learning capabilities to allow them to develop by, “being, belonging, becoming”. (EYLF 2009).By providing small and large group experiences children’s overall development is enhanced. We share an image of the child that is resourceful and capable. We recognise that children learn in a social context and understand the importance of relationships and interactions in children’s learning.

Within a nurturing and supportive environment, we aim to develop the “whole child.”

Their achievements will be celebrated and support will be provided to develop their emerging abilities. We believe it is important to provide children with experiences that allow them to strive for independence and enhance their self help skills. Within the principles of our framework we believe that children should be given maximum opportunity to strive and achieve. Children are encouraged to succeed regardless of diverse circumstances and abilities.

We will strive to ensure that the children have a strong sense of identity, are connected with and contribute to their world and have a strong sense of well being.

Whilst empowering children to become autonomous within their environment we are developing the children’s confidence and ensuring they are involved learners. Within the environment children are encouraged to have a voice and to become effective communicators.

Honeybears Early Learning Centre is committed to a philosophy that embraces contemporary traditions.

We believe that in a supportive and nurturing environment, children will be able to learn from and create meaning for themselves through the diverse experiences and challenges they will encounter. We believe children learn through play and exploring their environment and that children’s development is fostered by a caring and happy environment. Within this nurturing environment, a child’s emotional stability can be enhanced, thus assisting with separation anxiety.

The learning process is through social interactions.

It is an active learning process that allows children to investigate and discover at their own pace, constructing their own knowledge. The role of the educator being to respond to, expand and build upon the children’s strengths and interests. The process can be directed by children, and their development lies in the process rather than the outcome.

The environment is acknowledged as an educator in its own right.

Spaces are characterised by cleanliness, comfort and security. Areas consist of natural beauty that stimulates a thirst for learning, challenge and compel children to explore their environment. Introducing and maintaining sustainable solutions within our environment promotes a catalyst for change, empowering young children to be advocates for environmental awareness. Providing an Early Childhood Education and Sustainability environment allows for the inclusion of nature in Early Childhood settings and can be a critical element contributing to children’s health, well-being and development. “ECEFS is the enactment of transformative, empowering and participative education around sustainability issues, topics and experiences with Early Childhood contexts” (Davis, 2010, pg. 28)

We acknowledge the importance of the contribution of families to the early childhood environment.

As the primary caregivers, the input of families is valued within any aspect of programming. We aim for a true partnership with families and we support and encourage the interests and involvement of parents to share in and contribute to their child’s experience.

Honeybears supports the value and diversity of Australian society and promotes an anti-bias approach throughout all aspects of learning.

We acknowledge the uniqueness of each family and the significance of its culture, customs, language and beliefs. Children will be encouraged to have self belief, to challenge injustice and to ask questions.

We promote an environment that is inclusive for all children, regardless of their varying abilities.

We encourage all children to respect each others differences both physical and cultural, whilst celebrating each others abilities.

We believe quality care is consistent service by professional educators who share a passion and commitment to educating children.

Our team of educators act as advocates for children’s rights, education and health, consistently maintaining appropriate behaviours and acting as positive role models to the children, each other and the community. The practice of teaching encompasses maintaining a holistic approach, being responsive to children, allowing the children to learn through play, practices intentional teaching as well as reviewing our assessment tools. We aim to support and assist our team members in their professional and personal development by providing ongoing training opportunities.

We aim to create a service that responds to the needs of children, staff, families and the community.

For this to occur ongoing reflection and evaluation will take place for the provision of a dynamic childhood environment.


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