About Honeybears Junior

Honey Bears Junior

Our brand new aesthetically beautiful, natural, inspired learning space, Honeybears Junior (0-3 years) is due to open in February 2020. Honeybears Junior is located directly next door to Honeybears, with the two centres sharing the car park.

Honeybears Junior is a 29 place centre open from 7am-6pm, Monday -Friday. With two large playrooms and dedicated cot rooms, our indoor learning spaces are a hive of constructive activity and purposeful exploration. Our environment is a warm, homelike space, abundant with open ended materials for children to collaborate with each other, allowing them to explore at their own pace.

A Unique Holistic Program

Inspired by the Principles of Reggio Emilia, Honeybears Junior will provide a unique, holistic program that caters to each individual child’s interests and needs. Our very own IGNITE curriculum develops the whole child, as they learn through play, co-constructing knowledge whilst they navigate their environment. Partnerships with families are valued, with educators and families working together closely to provide the best possible care for every child.

Our physical environment acts as a third teacher, inspiring creativity and the opportunity for children to express themselves in a variety of different ways. Our outdoor environment is architecturally designed by natural playspace designer – Tessa Rose landscapes, and includes open ended, natural and purposeful design and materials for children to explore as they learn through play.

Enrolment at Honeybears Junior includes:

High educator: child ratios, including two Early Childhood teachers; breakfast, morning tea, hot lunch, afternoon tea and late snack all nutritiously prepared by our qualified cook; a Honeybears hat and t-shirt; huggies nappies and wipes and cotton, organic bed linen.

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