'A safe, happy place to learn, grow and play'


Team members


Director/Approved Provider

As our Director / Approved Provider, Joanne has over 10 years experience in the Early Childhood industry. As the Owner of Honeybears she is passionate about providing excellence in early childhood education and ensuring the highest of standards are maintained. With her Honours degree in Human Resource Management as well as her Diploma in Children’s Services, Joanne is passionate about the team’s ongoing professional development. 

Having visited the Loris Malaguzzi Centres in Reggio Emilia –Italy,  Joanne has been inspired by the Reggio Emilia approach, where the environment is characterized by natural beauty and acts as a third teacher. As such, at Honeybears, we provide a natural, home like environment, abundant with open ended materials for children to collaborate with each other, allowing them to explore and discover at their own pace. 

Joanne ensures that the Honeybears program is holistic and that educator and children’s interactions are always in line with our values and philosophy. 



Nominated Supervisor/Educational Leader

With over 25 years experience in the Early Childhood industry, Jodie leads the team as our Manager and Nominated Supervisor.

Jodie offers invaluable practical experience coupled with her qualifications of a Diploma in Children's Services and Bachelor of Teaching Degree. 

Jodie is passionate about advocating for quality within the Early Childhood sector whilst educating and inspiring the team to be innovative within the daily curriculum and individual planning for the children. 

Jodie specialises in facilitating new and unprecedented curriculums in Early Childhood, ensuring to use reflective practices to include the Early Years Learning Framework and the principles within the National Quality Framework. Jodie has designed a unique and tailor made School Preparation Program exclusively for Honeybears which has proven to prepare each child for school, to ensure a smooth and easy transition to the school environment. 

Jodie has been part of the Honeybears family since 2008 and divides her time in both rooms whilst also ensuring to be a support person for the team. 


Team Leader/Environmental Officer

With her educational background and over 10 years practical experience, Laura provides Honeybears with a substantial amount of Quality teaching and practical suggestions every day. 

Laura has completed both her Diploma in Children's Services and her Bachelor of Teaching Degree. 

Laura is both the Assistant Manager of the service and the team leader of the pre-school room. Laura implements the daily curriculum and ensures that the Honeybears School Preparation program is delivered to the highest of standards each and every day. 

Laura is an advocate for the environment and ensures to research new and effective ways to create sustainable play spaces for the children. Laura is passionate about facilitating a curriculum that includes the voices of the children, families and the community.

Laura has been part of the Honeybears family since 2009. 


Team Leader

With her flare for creativity and keen eye for detail, Vanessa excels in ensuring that the aesthetics and interior design of Honeybears is always beautiful and inviting for the children. 

Vanessa researches and investigates leading trends to ensure appropriate planning of a holistic and pedagogical learning environment. An environment where the children's ability to learn and grow developmentally is paramount. 

Vanessa has completed her Diploma in Children's services and is a team leader, inspiring and enriching the development of the children and the Honeybears team. 

Vanessa has been part of the Honeybears family since 2012. 


Educator/WH&S Officer

Coming to Honeybears with a rich and diverse background, Jane offers the families and children an insight into Russian culture and traditions. Jane is an advocate for education and has completed her Masters Degree in Teaching and has over 12 years experience in the Early Childhood Industry. 

Jane is the Workplace Health and Safety Officer, ensuring that all policies and procedures are followed meticulously throughout the day. 

Jane is proficient in researching new and interesting activities that allow all Honeybears children to excel in all areas of development. Jane shares her knowledge with the team and as such inspires a community of educators who are renowned for their programming ideas and excellent curriculum. 

Jane has been part of the Honeybears family since 2008. 



Abbie is a very passionate and energetic member of our team. Her bright and bubbly personality is reflected throughout the program and within her daily interactions with the children. She is very enthusiastic about promoting children's fitness and activity levels. Abbie loves to promote physical development through gross motor activities, dance, and drama.

Abbie is completing her Diploma in Children's Services and has been working in the Early Childhood Industry for many years. 

Abbie has been a member of the Honeybears family since 2018. 



With her passion for Early Childhood education and the ability to constantly reflect on her teaching practices, Tiffani provides the service with new ways to improve current practices. Tiffani recognises that in order to grow, we must reflect and change and as such is a strong driving force in the centres Quality Improvement Plan.

Tiffani enjoys learning through trial and error, perfecting the implementation of all activities provided. 

Tiffani has been a member of the Honeybears team since 2015. 



Bringing a warmth and love that only a grandmother can bring, Deb is renowned for her beautiful care of each and every child at Honeybears. Deb is always on hand to give emotional support to all families and this is displayed in her daily interactions with others but also in the beautiful learning stories she writes. 

Deb has completed her Certificate 3 in Child Studies and brings a wealth of practical experience from years and years of working in the Early Childhood industry. 

Deb has been part of the Honeybears family since 2008. 



With her dedication and commitment, Christine has been a valued member of the Honeybears team since it's conception. Christine is an innovative and well-versed cook, who has also completed her Certificate 3 in Children's Services.

Christine divides her time between the kitchen and the classrooms, involving the children in regular cooking experiences and discussing the importance of good nutrition. 

Christine has been a member of the Honeybears family since our opening in 2007. 



With a unique flare for cooking, Janne is a treasured member of the Honeybears team. Janne is passionate about growing her own vegetables and herbs to use in her cooking. Janne is the initiator of the Honeybears vegetable garden and involves all of the children with the planting and harvesting of all organic food produce in our daily menu. 

Janne has been a member of the Honeybears family since 2010.