'A safe, happy place to learn, grow and play'

Honeybears Curriculum

The team at Honeybears Early Learning Centre collectively advocate for the rights of young children to enjoy excellence in Early Childhood Education. Our philosophy highlights what the team at Honeybears value and believe to be important in early childhood education and pedagogy, and is very much a part of our everyday practice and curriculum.

We believe that children learn through play and exploring their environment and that children’s development is fostered by a caring and happy environment. The learning process is through social interactions, allowing children to investigate and discover at their own pace, constructing their own knowledge. In our role as educators, we respond to, expand and build upon the children’s strengths and interests. The process can be directed by children, and their development lies in the process rather than the outcome. Our intention is to ensure that each child is supported and guided through their play.

We believe that children are curious and competent learners who are encouraged to succeed regardless of diverse circumstances and abilities. We strive to ensure that children have a strong sense of identity, are connected with and contribute to their world and have a strong sense of well-being. Whilst empowering children to become autonomous within their environment we are developing children’s confidence and ensuring they are involved learners. Within the environment children are encouraged to have a voice and to become effective communicators.

An important part of our curriculum is our collaborative partnerships with families. We acknowledge and understand the importance of the contribution of families to the early childhood environment and we believe in nurturing these strong bonds. We aim for a true partnership with families and we support and encourage the interests and involvement of parents to share in and contribute to their child’s experience.